PL Researcher. Evil Feminist. Ocean Monster.


I'm Alex Shaindlin, a researcher in type theory and programming languages. In 2016 I began studying for my M.Sc. in Theoretical Computer Science at Tampere University of Technolgy (Tampere, Finland). Earlier that year, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) with a minor in Mathematics.

In 2015, I began work on my senior research project, a natural deduction proof checker written in Haskell with verified extensions in Coq. That project is on the backburner as of late 2016 but I plan to return to it and release the code eventually.

In 2013, I worked as a research assistant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, developing dose calculation software for proton therapy. I co-authored a paper, which can be found here: FoCa: a modular treatment planning system for proton radiotherapy with research and educational purposes (doi: 10.1088/0031-9155/59/23/7341).

In my free time, I compose and study classical music, study Finnish language and history, knit things, and cook a lot of vegetarian food.