Who I am

Hello! I’m Alex Shaindlin, a master’s degree student at Tampere University. My major is in Computer Science and I also have a minor concentration in Mathematics. I’m originally from the US, but I chose to move to Finland for graduate school and I intend to stay here to start my career. My thesis work is on recursive algorithms for efficient finite field multiplication, and I expect to graduate in May 2023.

Looking for work

I’m looking for full-time work in Finland starting in mid-2023. Haskell is my language of choice, but I also have recent experience with C and Python, and I’ve been enjoying getting to know Rust and PureScript. If your team is looking to hire someone who’s passionate about creating software that not only “gets the job done” but leverages the expressive power of mathematical abstractions and the safety of strong type systems to do so, download my CV and get in touch!

About this site

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